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News Updates

24 October 2014
The LH Martin Institute is seeking to appoint an Associate Director

The successful applicant will be responsible for furthering stakeholder engagement as well as ensuring the suite of activities developed...

21 October 2014
ATEM Bass Panel Discussion Event - The Changing Higher Education Workplace

The ATEM Bass Region are very pleased to announce our next panel discussion event - The Changing Higher Education Workplace - Monday 24th...

20 October 2014
Submission to the Senate inquiry

Geoff Sharrock's submission to the Senate committee inquiry into government plans for higher education supports some but not all of the...

Insights Blog

25 November 2014
New Imaginalian simulation on research strategy and management played in Kuala Lumpur

Jon File provieds an insight into the Imaginalian simulations used at the recent RHEDI residential in Kuala Lumpur and the Masters of...

24 November 2014
Maters of Tertiary Education Management Recollections

As an alumnus of the LH Martin Institute's Master of Tertiary Education Management program, Damian shares his recollections of the...

27 October 2014
Higher education in Australia managing in times of great change

Across the sector, the next few years will present a steep learning curve for leaders and managers as their institutions adapt to new...


What's Happening?

Programs | Events

Budgeting & Financial Management for Tertiary Education Managers

Learn more about financial systems, tools and processes that are suitable for tertiary education institutions...

Emerging Leaders and Managers Program Workshops and Capstone Project

One-day, facilitated workshops for current, 2014 and 2015 eLAMP participants to articulate into LH Martin...

University Fee De-regulation: Markets, Strategy and Pricing - Discussion and Simulation Forum

The de-regulation of university fees from 2016 and changes to tuition subsidy rates and student HELP loans...

eLAMP Information Webinars

Heather Davis will host a webinars outlining the 2015 eLAMP program and the 2014 capstone assignment...

2014 Higher Education Policy Seminars

The 2014 Policy Seminars address contemporary debates, providing a forum for leaders from across Australia's...

A conversation on comprehensive internationalisation with Prof John Hudzik

Increasingly, the business of universities is expanding across borders, and not just in the free flow of...

Research & Projects

Australian Institution Profiles

This project seeks to shift the discussion of institutional diversity in Australian higher education to a more considered level.

Undergraduate Units Redesign at ACU and JCU

A project to improve student learning outcomes while reducing instructional costs at the Australian Catholic University and James Cook University.


Research Report
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Research Report
Wheelahan, L., Moodie, G. and Buchanan, J. Revitalising the 'vocational' in flows of learning and labour. Adelaide: NCVER.