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Prof Frans van Vught

Chair, LH Martin Institute Council and Honorary Professorial Fellow

President, European Centre for Strategic Management of Universities

Professor Frans van Vught completed an eight year term as President and Rector Magnificus of the Twente University of Technology in the Netherlands in 2005 and is now an independent higher education expert, combining a number of European and international functions.

He is a member of the Group of Social Policy Advisors of the President of the European Commission, Chairman of the European Center for Strategic Management of Universities boards and President of the Netherlands' House for Education and Research. Prof van Vught is also a member of the University Grants Committee of Hong Kong and until recently was a member of the Board of the European University Association and of the German 'Akkreditierungsrat'.

Prof van Vught was the founding director of the Center for Higher Education Studies and over the period 1984–1996 developed it into one of the largest higher education research centres in the world.

He has published 30 books and over 250 articles, primarily on higher education and research policy, innovation policy and higher education management. He leads several major international research projects, of which the two funded by the European Commission are the most relevant to the “conversations”. The first is on the design of a classification instrument to create more transparency about the diversity of the European higher education and research areas, and the second on the development of a new, multidimensional global ranking tool for higher education and research. In these two projects he designs, implements and coordinates a comprehensive stakeholders consultation process involving higher education institutions, students, business and industry and policy-makers at various levels.

Recent Publications

van Vught, FA 2010, 'The Europe of Knowledge', in D.D Dill & F.A van Vught (eds.), National Innovation Policies and the Academic Research Enterprise, Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore.

van Vught, FA 2009, 'The EU Innovation Agenda: Challenges for European Higher Education Research', Higher Education Management and Policy, vol. 21-22.

van Vught, FA 2009, Mapping the Higher Education Landscape: Towards a European Classification in Higher Education, Springer Press, Dordrecht.