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Assoc Prof Stijn Dekeyser

Honorary Senior Fellow

Associate Professor at the Unversity of Southern Queensland.

Stijn Dekeyser is an Associate Professor at the University of Southern Queensland where he was the Head of Department of Mathematics and Computing and is currently the Acting Head of School of Agriculture, Computational and Environmental Sciences.

After completing his PhD in Computing Science at the University of Antwerp in his native Belgium, Stijn took on a lecturing position in Queensland and gradually broadened his interests to include academic management.  He is the co-developer of the Academic Workload Allocation Management Systems (WAMS) which was subsequently commercialised and is in use in a number of Australian Universities.

His work on WAMS also led to the study of workload models and processes as they are used in the Australian tertiary educaiton sector today. In addition to providing benchmarking and consultancy services he has co-authored scholarly publications in this area.

Stijn has presented at LH Martin, ATEM and AHEIA workshops and conferences, and is the co-organiser of a workshop in New Zealand on workload management.

E: Stijn.Dekeyser@usq.edu.au
T: 0466956492