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Dr Vernon Crew

Honorary Senior Fellow

Dr. Vernon Crew is an international education consultant, continuing a career in education at all levels and in a variety of contexts working in the United Kingdom, Zambia, Hong Kong and Australia, all for substantial periods. He also engages in short-term consultancies and secondments elsewhere in Africa, North America, Asia and the Pacific Rim. His experience includes teaching in schools and higher education institutions, long-term service as Principal of an international school in Zambia and as Head of the School of English at the principal teacher training institution in Hong Kong, founding Head of the Centre for International Education at the Hong Kong Institute of Education and Director, English Language and International Services at the University of New England.

His current area of focus is tertiary education leadership, governance and management, with a particular interest in change capability development and institutional quality assurance, driven by substantial experience in auditing and upgrading tertiary institutions.

E: vernon.crew@unimelb.edu.au
T: 0458 009 577