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Prof Peter Noonan

Honorary Senior Fellow

Fellow, Mitchell Institute for Health and Education Policy, Victoria University

Professor Peter Noonan has played a major role in shaping policy in Australia’s tertiary education and training systems over the past two decades as a policy adviser, senior executive in and consultant to federal and state governments, universities, higher education providers, and TAFE institutes and in major reviews.

Peter’s major areas of expertise are in tertiary education policy, funding and regulation.
Peter has held a number of senior appointments in education and training portfolios at both state and national levels. He was a member of the Expert Panel for the Review of Australian Higher Education (Bradley Review) in 2008 and in 2010 undertook a Review of Post-Secondary Education for the Queensland State Government.

Peter also led the development by the Allen Consulting Group on the design of the Schooling Resources Standard for the Review of Australian Government School Funding (Gonski Review) and led a major project to develop a supply and demand model of the Australian tertiary education system for the LH Martin Institute.

He has also worked extensively internationally and in 1994 was a Fullbright Scholarship Recipient based at the National Centre for Education and the Economy in Washington DC.
Peter is now Professor of Tertiary Education Policy in the Victoria Institute at Victoria University and a Fellow in the Mitchell Institute for Health and Education Policy at Victoria University.