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Call for Papers: Service Improvement and Innovation in Universities conference

Submissions are welcome by Monday 31st July 2017.

We warmly invite papers and contributions on the four conference themes below.


1. Innovation Powered by Skills (Major, Minor)
Many times we are asked, “but what is innovation?” or “how do I innovate?” This theme challenges the way we think about innovation and what that means in different contexts within the sector, our lives and our work. Participants will explore different concepts of innovation, and learn new skills for innovation.

2. Collective Buying Power (Minor)
With budget cuts looming on the horizon, how can we as institutions improve the efficiency and effectiveness of procurement practices to gain the best value for money? This theme explores the concepts behind and methods for shared procurement within the sector and what savings can be made when we harness our collective buying power.

3. The Power of Collaboration (Major, Minor)
The nature of universities is traditionally characterised by competition, however in the context of open innovation the realistation grows that collaborating and sharing knowledge and information has a very positive impact on innovation and the effectiveness of individual organisations. So what can we learn from others? This theme will walk through how universities partner with other universities, state and local governments, and industry and community organisations.

4. Powerful Communities (Minor)
What is the value of reaching out? This theme builds on the notion of collaboration to look at the broader socio-economic impact for the community when strong universities partner with local stakeholders to foster inclusiveness and build a sense of community that reaches beyond the campus borders.

Submission information

To submit a paper or your contribution, please email Melissa Hendicott at the following items:

  • Your full name, position, institution and contact details (if more than one, please name all contributors)
  • Topic and format of the proposed paper or contribution, e.g. case study, special interest group or general paper
  • Brief (max. 150 words) abstract outlining your contribution.

Submissions are welcome by Monday 31st July 2017.

Please submit your abstract in Word format using the application form here. Please include details of all presenters.

Proposed contributions will be forwarded to the steering committee for consideration and all potential contributors will be contacted after the submissions closing date regarding their proposal.


For further queries regarding submissions, please contact Melissa Hendicott at or +61 3 9035 6429.

About the conference

Read the main conference page.

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