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Comprehensive study of professional leaders in tertiary education now available

12 June 2012

This week, the findings of the largest research project undertaken by the Association of Tertiary Education Management (ATEM) were released.

ATEM, LH Martin Institute and University of Western Sydney all partnered in this research that identified leadership competencies and capabilities of professional staff in tertiary institutions in Australia and New Zealand.

“The study replicates the methodology of the Learning Leaders in Times of Change study which was done to identify leadership competencies and capabilities for academic staff in tertiary institutions in 2008”, said Linda McKellar, ATEM Vice President.

The aim of the project was to:

  • Define the capabilities which characterise an effective leader of the professional services and activities in Australian and New Zealand tertiary education institutions;
  • Identify the challenges such leaders face and how they might best be addressed;
  • Produce a set of recommendations for ATEM and tertiary institutions to consider on how to help the sector select, support and develop and monitor its leadership of the area; and,
  • Compare the results for professional leaders with those of academic leaders.

The report has been the culmination of strong professional partnerships and input from the steering committee, from the sector, and critical friends who have contributed to the creativity and commitment that it takes to move the leadership of the sector forward by identifying the behaviours that those of us who are working in it see as valuable.

The next step is engage a broader audience who would provide feedback on future direction and this will continue through 2012 at the ATEM NSW Branch Strategic Planning Workshop on 10 August and at the Tertiary Education Management Conference in Adelaide in September.


Read the report


For more information, please contact Linda McKellar, Vice president, ATEM, 0424 400 951

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