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19 October 2015
Bullying in regional universities is a serious problem that needs addressing

Head of Psychological and Clinical Sciences at Charles Darwin, and MTEM alumnus, Tim Skinner on bullying in regional universities.

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12 October 2015
Special edition Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management out now

Special edition featuring papers by our Master of Tertiary Education Management graduates is now available via Routledge.

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7 October 2015
After Pyne flop, Australia's tertiary sector needs a redesign

LH Martin Institute Director Leo Goedegebuure and Melbourne CSHE Director Richard James on the way forward for Australia's tertiary education.

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2 October 2015
OECD comparisons don't prove our unis are underfunded

Program Director Geoff Sharrock questions claims that Australia's unis are among the lowest funded in the OECD.

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16 September 2015
Stimulus paper on shared leadership now available

Read the Leadership Foundation's latest stimulus paper on shared leadership, co-written by our Program Director Heather Davis.

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9 September 2015
Congratulations Dr Stephen Weller

Australian Catholic University Chief Operating Officer Dr Stephen Weller wins 2015 Award for Excellence in Leadership

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7 September 2015
Women in the Science Research Workforce - report now available on our website

The report aims to enhance understanding of patterns of disadvantage with women's participation in the science research workforce.

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28 August 2015
Should universities have to pay back unpaid student debts?

Program Director Geoff Sharrock writing in The Conversation.

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14 August 2015
We have moved!

The LH Martin Institute has relocated to the Elisabeth Murdoch Building, University of Melbourne.

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30 July 2015
Office closure on Friday, 31 July 2015

To facilitate our move to a new premises, the LH Martin Institute office will be closed in the afternoon of Friday, 31 July 2015

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