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27 August 2014
Corrections on the Fairfax article “Leaked modelling forecasts massive windfalls for top unis”

It’s disappointing that the reporter of the article published this morning has only selectively chosen the most sensational numbers and not reported on the more realistic scenarios and below is an account of what really happened.

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27 August 2014
Critics of vocational education tend to overlook the positives

Brendan Sheehan, Honorary Senior Fellow of the Institute argues VET must surely be the most officially inquired into, reported and advised on — and “reformed” — activity in Australia.

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26 August 2014
TAFE the essential ingredient - By Brendan Sheehan

In April 2012, the Victorian Coalition government, building on the skills reform initiative of tis Labor predecessor, unleashed its own radica model of vocational education and training (VET) maket reforms. Most commentators predicated that these reforms would undermine the TAFE sector and, with it, the whole VET system.

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15 August 2014
Fee hikes not inevitable

Leo Goedegebuure, Director of the LH Martin Institute, has been quote in The Australian; "average fees of just $10,000 were more than plausible".

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14 August 2014
A “Memo from Machiavelli” on higher education reform by Geoff Sharrock

Geoff Sharrock presents some "advice from Machiavelli" to the Senate about higher education reforms.

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13 August 2014
Fair’s fair: drop subsidy cuts, keep lower HELP threshold

Writing in The Australian, Geoff Sharrock argues against the Budget subsidy cuts.

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25 July 2014
HELP debt risks for female graduates

Writing in The Australian, Geoff Sharrock highlights the HELP debt risks for female graduates after the Budget’s subsidy cuts.

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23 July 2014
Make no mistake: TAFE as we know it is definitely at risk

Read comments from interview with LH Martin Institute Fellow Jeff Gunningham in The Australian this week on TAFE reform?

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21 July 2014
Regional educators fear TAFE changes

Dr Ruth Schubert provided the background for this ABC Report

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10 July 2014
The LH Martin Institute is a leading partner of the RHEDI programme

The LH Martin Institute, based at The University of Melbourne, and the department of business administration, Lund University, Sweden, are the two Leading Partners of the RHEDI programme, funded through the Swedish Development Cooperation Agency, (Sida) and currently administrated through Santrust in South Africa.

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