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Emerging Leaders and Managers Program

Program for guided cohorts (institutional or regional). Individual study available for ATEM members.

The Emerging Leaders and Managers Program (eLAMP) is designed for new and aspiring tertiary education managers to develop their skills, knowledge and capacities to lead and manage effectively in the rapidly changing tertiary education environment.

The LH Martin Institute program is only available for guided cohorts from the same institution or region. Our colleagues at the Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM) offers the program as an individual study program for its members. If you are an ATEM member and would like to do the individual study program, please refer to the ATEM website for more information.

Learning outcomes

  • An understanding of the breadth and depth of the tertiary education landscape in the Australian, New Zealand and global contexts.
  • An understanding of the complex internal and external drivers influencing the sector and how to respond appropriately to them.
  • An insight into the different roles and styles leaders and managers need to adopt to be successful in their roles.
  • A grasp of the nuances of policy and learn how it aligns with strategic intention and how it influences the development of organisational culture.
  • Greater understanding of institutional challenges through case studies and online discussions.

Program features

  • A set of core readings and related rich media resources for online study.
  • Supplementary resources for those motivated to explore the content more widely.
  • Opportunities to develop a critical reflective practice.
  • Opportunities for interaction with others experiencing the same issues.


  • Upon completion, participants will be able to confidently transition into leadership and management roles and effectively influence and implement policies and processes.
  • Institutions will gain staff who are better equipped to cope with the unique challenges faced by their institutions.
  • At an additional cost, the program's content can be contextualised to your institution's needs.

Suitable for

  • Australian professional HEW levels 6, 7, 8 or equivalent and those who are new to management;
  • Australian academic levels B and C or equivalent and academics that are new to management; and
  • VET academics and professional staff in roles such as Education Managers, Principal Lecturers, Team Leaders, Co-ordinators, Corporate Managers and those who are new to management.

Program structure

This program is made up of four online study modules, which are enhanced by a series of face-to-face workshops and a final work-based project. The workshops and project make up a bridging program which enables participants to enrol in an LH Martin Institute Graduate Certificate course with advanced standing.

Online modules
  • Module 1: Managing and Developing Yourself. This module considers leading the self. It focuses on developing critical reflective professional practice, intra-personal intelligence and developing your personal career plan.
  • Module 2: Managing and Developing Others. This module addresses transitioning into a management role. It focuses on inter-personal intelligence, managing relationships in the workplace and developing others.
  • Module 3: Managing and Developing the Business. This module concentrates tertiary education management. It focuses on thinking and working strategically and sustaining tertiary education institutions.
  • Module 4: Understanding the Tertiary Education Landscape. This is the most theoretical module of all four. It has two main components: the history and evolution of Australian tertiary education and policy processes and outcomes. It explores the increasing importance of management and the marketplace, institutional governance, funding, internationalisation, institutional and sector diversity, and globalisation and the knowledge economy.
Bridging program

The bridging program consolidates what participants have learned from the online modules and, upon completion, provides a pathway into a Graduate Certificate course offered by the LH Martin Institute through advanced standing for its compulsory subject (more information about our Graduate Certificate courses and the compulsory subject). Depending on the delivery mode chosen, the bridging program consists of one or more face-to-face workshops and a work-based project.

Delivery modes

Guided cohort - institutional or regional

A guided cohort is either a group of staff sponsored by their institution or a group of regional colleagues placed together in the program. Participants of a guided cohort complete the four online study modules as a group followed by the bridging program.

A guided cohort benefits from having:

  • A designated moderator who encourages discussion and peer-to-peer learning amongst the cohort
  • Options to organise additional face-to-face meetings and to keep participants engaged
  • Workshops run in-house at their institution or region, reducing travel costs
  • Content tailored to their institutions’ requirements on request (additional costs apply)
Individual study

This delivery mode is only available to members of ATEM, who arrange registrations and organise moderators from within its senior ranks. In this mode, individuals enrol in one online module at a time and finish within suggested time frames.

Online modules for individual study commence at set dates followed by the bridging program. Below is a table listing the commencement dates of the suggested time frames (or 'pathways'). If participants follow a suggested pathway, the final row indicates when they would gain entry into the a Graduate Certificate course. Please refer to the ATEM website for more information, including on how to register for eLAMP as an indvidual study program. 



To view the printable version of the timetable, please click here.


Guided cohort

A$28,000 (inc. GST) for the delivery of in-house workshops after each online module, workshop materials, formal assessment and certificate of completion.

A$520 (inc. GST) per participant for the supervision and marking of work-based projects.

Additional fees or costs apply for venue, catering, AV equipment and onsite support (to be arranged by the hosting institution or region) as well as for accommodation, travel and incidentals for the designated moderator and tailoring to the host institution’s needs.

Individual study

No fee for the online modules.

A$2600 (inc GST) for the bridging program, i.e. workshop and work-based project supervision and marking after completing all online modules.

Contacts for further queries

For guided cohorts

Dina Uzhegova
Program Officer, LH Martin Institute
T: +61 3 8344 3087

For individual study

Please contact ATEM (details below) if you would like to register for or enquire about the individual study program. As this mode of study is administered by ATEM for its members, LH Martin Institute staff are unable to assist with enquiries regarding registrations or administrative issues.

T: +61 2 6125 5262


“I enrolled in eLAMP after having had the opportunity to lead an academic discipline for two years. This experience led me to ask significant questions about the current and emerging nature of leadership in the higher education industry. Through completion of the eLAMP modules I have come to better understand that leadership involves everyone; not just those in management positions. Moreover, leadership is a journey that begins with an understanding of self and an appreciation for the different perspectives of those around us. Completion of eLAMP won’t automatically make us better leaders, but it will provide us with valuable resources to initiate and guide our development.” Damien Harkin, Associate Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences, Queensland University of Technology.

"The online information is interesting and informative, good to be able to work at your own pace (as long as you make the time to do it). It is well structured with you being able to do the online section or go right through to gaining credit towards the graduate certificate. The blackboard does take a little bit to get used to however the reflective journal article and discussion boards are great and well worth doing. Heather is fantastic – nothing is ever too hard and she is always only an email or discussion board away. Looking forward to being able to complete the workshops in Auckland instead of having to travel to Australia – accessibility is the key."
Kelly Storey, General Manager, Corporate Academy Group, New Zealand.

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