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This suite of programs has been specifically designed to meet the development needs of current and the next generation of leaders in tertiary education. Some of them also offer articulation pathways into our postgraduate programs, enabling participants to trial subjects before committing to a full degree. The following are categories of our professional development programs.

Leadership Programs

These are intensive, non-award programs delivered in multiple modules over the course of the year. They focus on the diverse challenges faced by leaders and managers at varying levels of tertiary education organisations.

*This series aims to provide members of university governing bodies and those involved in governance with an enhanced understanding of their role and relationships in order to improve the performance of their university. It consists of four modules, each focusing on a different aspect of governance, which will expose participants to the range of skills and knowledge required to be effective members of governing bodies.

Single Subjects

Access the latest research, academic and professional expertise in specialist areas. These subjects provide pathways into our postgraduate programs.

Short Courses

Our short courses focus on skills-based training and current topical issues. They aim to increase participants' understanding of specific areas, develop expertise in their current role and prepare them for the next stage in their career.

Study Tours

Missions to other countries or regions which aim to enhance participants' understanding of a particular development there that is also affecting the Australian tertiary education sector.

Bespoke Programs

Our public programs, such as those listed above, can be adapted and delivered for a specific cohort or institution by request. If you would like to explore this option, please contact or call +61 3 8344 0756.

What's Happening?
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Emerging Leaders and Managers Program

Program for new and aspiring managers to develop leadership skills and capacities.

Emerging Leaders and Managers - Bridging Program

Program to enable current eLAMP individual study participants to articulate into graduate...

Creating Effective Innovation Ecosystems

Part of a series of workshops on innovation ecosystems.

Service Improvement and Innovation in Universities

A conference on successful service improvement, driving innovation and enhancing customer...

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Research & Projects
Partnership for Improving Performance of Research and Innovation

Benchmarking organisational practices in order to improve institutions' research and...

Investigating Quality Teaching in the Victorian VET Sector

Primary research to find out what is quality teaching and identify the capabilities VET...

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