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Managing and Influencing Organisational Change

*Update* Now available as a bespoke program only

This workshop will work through a real life case study of a major academic and administrative change in an Australian university in order to provide participants with, among others, an understanding of the importance of detailed planning for change and strategies for managing dynamics and uncertainties of change. 

Who should attend?

Deans, Heads of School, Department or Administrative Units and others associated with conceptualising or leading organisational change.

Delivery mode *UPDATED*

Bespoke program. Please contact us to arrange delivery at your institution.

Course content

The following will be covered during the one-day workshop:

  • Case study of a real life situation involving student, financial and staffing data
  • Insights into the industrial relations aspect of the process of change
  • People management – strategies for managing dynamics of change
  • Change leadership

Learning outcomes

Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • the key phases of change,
  • major models of change,
  • key industrial relations implications when considering implementing change, and
  • the benefits of using an appreciative inquiry approach to transform organisational culture.

Program facilitators

Liz Baré commenced her working life in charge of a small specialist library in a government agency, supervising two other staff. There she learnt valuable lessons in management, supervision and working in complex organisations. She moved through a series of technical and line management positions in that agency, and in 1983 was appointed to head its 50 strong personnel branch. There she fell in love with human resources management and decided that this was her true vocation. Her next assignment was to create a a human resources function in one of the world’s largest volunteer organisations.

She has now headed the human resource function in three different organisations. Her longest appointment was as Vice-Principal (Human Resources) at the University of Melbourne. She and her colleagues developed the HR function at the University from a personnel function to a well regarded human resources division. In recent years, Liz has been Head of Administration at the University of Melbourne, where she was responsible for service delivery of IT, Finance, Research, Marketing, Property and Grounds, as well as overseeing a major restructure of administrative service delivery.

Liz is currently a Senior Fellow of the LH Martin Institute for Higher Education Leadership and Management and also a Senior Fellow in the Centre for the Study of Higher Education, at the University of Melbourne. Liz currently advises universities in Australia and overseas on management and human resource management issues.

Janet Beard is Director of Integrated Administration at the University of Melbourne. Initially in Janet’s career, she worked in laboratory-based roles as a graduate agricultural scientist. Subsequently, in successive roles at three Australian universities, she worked in faculty management as the faculty general manager or similar title, in physical sciences, health sciences and agricultural science. In addition to the ongoing faculty management responsibilities, Janet’s roles also consist of areas such as financial management, student services, research support, marketing and so on. Each of these roles involved working on significant faculty organisational change. Her interest and experience in managing organisational change led to her current role at the University of Melbourne. In recent years, the University has been undergoing significant change, in part being driven by implementation of the new curriculum known as the ‘Melbourne Model’. This has instigated major administrative reform through firstly a review of student services, and subsequently business services.

Read Janet's view on the use of external consultants in a major organisational change context.

Stuart Andrews commenced his appointment as Executive Director of AHEIA in May 2011. He is a qualified lawyer and was previously employed by AHEIA as its Legal & Industrial Officer between 1988 and 1993. For the intervening period of 18 years, Stuart was the HR Director at the University of Tasmania, where he was the lead negotiator for UTAS in five rounds of enterprise bargaining. Stuart gained his law degree from UTAS, and holds a postgraduate qualification in Arbitration/Mediation from the University of Adelaide. He is also a past President and Secretary of the Industrial Relations Society of Tasmania.

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Jointly developed with the Australian Higher Education Industrial Association
Jointly developed with the Australian Higher Education Industrial Association