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Benchmarking Performance of Research and Innovation

Project status: Current

LH Martin Institute works in partnership with institutions and organisations to benchmark organisational practices that influence performance of research and innovation. As a part of the process we work collaboratively with partners to develop customised professional development programs, to improve the performance of research and innovation.

We currently work with Rosario University in Colombia, Gadjah Mada University, Universities of South Africa, Nossal Institute at University of Melbourne, the African Network for International Education and the Commonwealth Tertiary Education Facility in Malaysia.

Benchmarking organisational practices

The changing conditions for the organisation and conduct of research have increased the complexity in leading and managing research institutions. As a result, there has been a growing professionalization of research leadership on the one hand, and greater emphasis on management accountability on the other. High level leadership and management skills are therefore integral to institutions seeking to pursue strategic priorities to achieve excellence in research.

The challenges for leaders of research institutions are two-fold:

• To create and maintain effective institutional management systems, structures and processes that suit their organisation’s needs in a national and increasingly international context, and
• To build and sustain research and innovation leadership and management capabilities at the unit level within their institution.

Underpinned by research, the LH Martin Institute has developed a suite of self-assessment instruments and measures that through a survey process reviews systems, structures and processes for research and innovation for universities and research institutes.

The main benefit for the participating institutions is that it provides a baseline that enables the leadership of to identify strengths as well as constraints that they may need to overcome, to improve the performance of research and innovation.


The self-assessment process consist of two collaborative stages.

The first stage involves getting a firm commitment from the executive level of the institution to take part in a comprehensive self-assessment process. That involves setting up an institutional project organisation that would work collaboratively throughout all parts of process.

The second stage is about improving the performance in research and innovation. This is involves four steps: The first step is about reviewing and customise the survey instrument to suit the institutional needs. The second step is about jointly analyse the results of the survey against other information from international sources, so that the universities stage of development can be viewed within the context of its national environment and international comparisons. The third step is about presenting the preliminary results in a report, and discuss them with the leadership. The final step involves integrating the feedback from the meetings into a final report, and to provide recommendations and follow-up actions.

Example of possible professional development programs

LH Martin Institute works collaboratively to customise professional development leadership programs. These may include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

• Leading cultural change at institutional level;
• Development of supervision capacity;
• Reforming and developing PhD programs;
• Project management;
• Building research teams;
• Developing mentor capacity;
• Managing self and others;
• Managing and leading international collaborations;
• Leading innovation and community engagement;
• Development of effective support structures for research and innovation.

You can view an example of Stage 2 Implementation by downloading the Pilot Doctoral Supervision Training (POST) Final Report, prepared in partnership with the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia.

Enquiries and expressions of interest

LH Martin Institute is looking to expand this program and would welcome new partners. For enquiries, or to request a tailored proposal to benchmark your organisational practices and explore how to improve performance of research and innovation at your institution, please contact:

Åsa Olsson, Program Director, LH Martin Institute.
E: T: +61 3 9035 7508.
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